Do you know how to read the Bible? Are you living your absolute best life?

If you want to go deeper and discover more of God’s Word, how it applies to your life and be empowered in your walk with Jesus, Night College is for you!

Would you like to join us this year? Click the link below to register for Night College in 2018:


Night College gives you the opportunity to discover more for your own life. Check out our subjects for Semester 1:


Subjects for Term 1

5th Feb - 26th // Hebrews - By Faith in Christ

Go deeper into the Book of Hebrews - discover more about Jesus Christ and how you can live by faith in all that you do. 


5th March - 26th // From Creation to Christ Part 2

Is the Old Testament relevant anymore? Join us on a journey through the Old Testament as we examine the famous stories – how they point to Jesus and what we can learn for our own lives today.


Subjects for Term 2

April 30th - May 21st // We Can Be Heroes

We will have character studies on the great and unknown heroes of the Bible - meet David, Peter, Elijah, Esther and more! What do these heroes have to teach us about doing life well? Can I be a hero too? 


May 28th - 4th June // Evangelism with Andy Kubala




When: Monday Nights

Where: C3 City Ministry Centre (upstairs)

1 O’Briens Lane NSW 2010

Time: 7PM – 9PM

What: The night will include two 45 minute lessons and a delicious supper in between.

For more info email Ps Nathan Cox at: