Henry and Genevieve

Genevieve and I have called C3 our church home over the last nine years, and we have made Vision Builder commitments over the last seven. Last year we were challenged and felt led to make a significant commitment. We believe that God uses our finances to build us into people who can think, dream and act bigger. Giving is an act of worship that is a lifestyle choice for us. We put aside a portion each week into a separate account so we can monitor its growth. It’s also a great daily reminder that we have chosen to put God above our finances.

Giving is a sacrifice and strengthens our faith. The things we sacrifice,
so often He blesses us with in a far greater way than if we had done it in our own strength. We have watched our businesses ourish and break ground to amazing new levels. We are greatly encouraged to be a part of a generous church that extends its hand into the community and marketplace. Giving our time, talent and treasure is something that we are both committed to.

Serving in Creative ministry is something that we both greatly enjoy and like Vision Builders, is as an opportunity to stretch and grow our capacity.




2016Phil Houghton