I came to Sydney over three years ago, not knowing anyone. A couple of days after landing, I found myself at C3 City and it has been my home since. I immediately got involved in a connect group which quickly became a family to me.

I now have the awesome opportunity of co-leading this group. I also found myself in C3 College. But now almost 3 years later, I’m still there working towards my Advanced Diploma in Christian Theology and Ministry. Growing up in a Christian family, I knew all about giving tithes and offerings and contributing to building funds. But something was different about C3 City and I quickly learned that it was the spirit of generosity.

I discovered people here were generous with more than just their money – they gave their time, wisdom, friendship, support and so much more! I went to my  first Vision Builders Dinner in 2013 and was completely blown away by the different ways people had been generous over the past year. I knew I had to do my part in helping other people find a home-away-from- home like I had.

It hasn’t always been easy to give, since being in college. Several months after I had made my  first Vision Builders pledge I had been making weekly payments towards it and just started C3 College but my holiday visa was about to expire and I needed to apply for a student visa but I didn’t have enough money to pay for it. But as my connect group and I continued to pray for provision, God brought me a miracle.

My sister blessed me with enough money to pay for my visa, some close friends from my connect group decided to pull together to help me get my insurance, and some other friends from church agreed to chip in some money so I could go to New Zealand for 6 days! And since then, I’ve realized that building God’s house is more than just building new facilities, it’s about making space for people to  nd a family and make connections. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for my amazing connect group family and church friends that have supported me throughout my journey. To some people, our building might be just a building, but to me, it’s a place I call home. Last year I stepped out in faith to give a lot more and have never looked back

2016Phil Houghton