I first started attending C3 Church City about 6 years ago. I remember my first Vision Builders’ dinner, and remember being impressed with a lot of the surface level things – the beautiful venue, great food, atmosphere, getting dolled up for this fancy dinner. Then I remember hearing the testimonies and how the funds were used to impact different groups in our community and charities. I have always thought I was a generous person, so after hearing all the different areas Vision Builders gives to, I was happy to give. 

Back then I realise I probably thought more of it as a charitable donation. Since then, as my relationship with God has developed, my giving has developed too. 

Over the years, I’ve not only attended church each week, I’ve been part of a connect group, joined a couple of the volunteer teams, studied night school for 2 years (despite still finishing off my master’s degree). Now I lead a connect group and also lead one of the volunteer teams. Not only have I learnt more about God, but He’s also revealed a lot about me, my identity, what my giftings are and expanded my capacity. I’m so grateful for that. To belong to such a generous church and be surrounded by amazing leaders, worship, people, makes me want to give into God’s kingdom, whatever way possible. 

My mentality has definitely changed from “What loose change have I got to give?” to being more generous and actually make a commitment and sacrifice to give to God through Vision Builders. Our church has always spoken of giving to God our time, our talents, and our treasures, to which I can say I totally agree.

Last year I pledged to give a large amount for me. Despite the blessings and also the challenges, both financially and non-financially, it is a commitment that I am willing to sacrifice wholeheartedly to give to. 

2017Phil Houghton