I first came to C3 City at the Easter Sunday Service last year and committed my life to Jesus that same night. I had been dealing with some traumas from my life that had left me feeling broke, empty, alone and uncertain on how I was going to live my life. I had thought the answers to my problems were found in the bottom of a bottle but I now know all I need is Jesus.

After coming to a church for a while I heard about the miracles that God can provide when we tithe and commit our finances to Him. I had been very unhappy in my work environment so I resigned from my position and decided to take a leap of faith by believing and trusting in God.

I continued to tithe and give to Vision Builders consistently even while I was unemployed, and I invested my free time by reading Scripture every day, listening to worship and praising Jesus for saving me.

Six weeks later I received a new job with a substantial pay rise and a better work environment. I’m so thankful to God for releasing me from my prison of indecision and building my faith in Him.

I’m so thankful for C3 City, it’s people and God for helping me to receive God’s love and now be able to love others.

2017Phil Houghton