I moved to Sydney from Adelaide five years ago with the plan to pursue a career in acting and working in media – but God had other ideas. I knew one other person in Sydney and had next to nothing. I visited C3 Church City knowing nobody and although it was terrifying, I discovered that everyone was super welcoming and invited me to join a Connect Group and go out for lunch, etc. I began to develop strong relationships through my Connect Group which has helped me survive even in the tough times of life. When my lung collapsed in 2013 and I was in hospital for three weeks, it was my connect group that was there for me. I knew I had found a home and a family. 

When I first attended my first Vision Builders dinner in 2012 I was amazed at all the things the church was doing around Sydney and beyond. I had never experienced seeing a church have this level of impact in the community and it resonated in my spirit. I pledged that night because I wanted to be part of seeing God move across Sydney and I began to see God move in my own world. 

Even though I was completely stretched in my finances, God always provided for me and I never ran out. As I remained faithful to Him, He continued to pave a way for me. Over the last five years I have continued to increase my giving amount and my faith has had to rise along with it. As I have stepped out in faith, I have always seen God coming through for me and giving me opportunities I couldn’t have imagined. 

In 2014, I was offered a part time role in the church office on staff and have been involved in leading connect groups, being part of the worship team, C3 Kids and running numerous events. Last year I was given the opportunity to serve as Young Adults Pastor and Connect Group Overseer. This year I am now also involved in Pastoral Care, Discipleship and Next Steps which has been amazing – I’m continually overwhelmed and humbled at how God has blessed and stretched me. 

Towards the end of last year I was hit with some large unexpected bills and I realised again that I needed to trust in God once more if I was going to get through – for a while it was pretty dicey but yet again God has come through and I have recently received a full-time position that has provided me with the means to fulfil my Vision Builders commitment.

2017Phil Houghton