Last year I really felt that God was calling me to step up and make a Vision Builders commitment that would take a great amount of faith for me to fulfil.

I’ve heard many incredible testimonies that people have shared over the years with their VB commitments and the miracles that God has done but didn’t really think that would happen to me. I knew I had to be obedient to the Lord so I made my commitment and tried to forget about it.

The same week I gave my commitment I was called into the CEO’s office. My salary had been reviewed and I was getting an immediate increase. I wondered if it was the amount of my Vision Builders commitment. But no, it was double what I had given!

Suddenly I realised I was like the others in church who testified of Gods goodness and faithfulness, which is always there, even when we can’t see it. He is so good.

Alongside this, I had been praying and fasting hoping that I would meet the man of my dreams. Once again this seemed like a miracle that God did for other people and not necessarily me, but I believed in His faithfulness regardless and hoped that in His divine provision a good guy would come into my life. 

A couple of months after Vision Builders I met Anthony. To cut a long story short we hit it off from the start, we aligned in so many ways and most importantly he is a man who loves the Lord. I think our catch up was him coming to church with me and the following week he was serving alongside me in the welcome team and then the coffee team. I certainly met my match. We are now getting married at the end of 2019! I cannot believe that all of this has happened within less than 12 months and my entire life is different forever. 

I have realised that by trusting the Lord and the little voice inside you that you know is the Holy Spirit is the only way to live, even if it seems like foolishness. God is faithful by nature and I have seen firsthand how He never fails us.

2017Phil Houghton