Stephen & Teisha

We have been members of C3 Church City for only a year and immediately decided to be part
of the Vision Builders program. We were inspired by the call to impact Sydney. 

Before the Vision Builders commitments dinner in 2016 we both prayed individually about what to give and had worked out an agreed amount beforehand. We arrived at the Vision Builders dinner with a clear, set amount to pledge. But God had another amount in mind. During the night, we felt God speak clearly to us to give an amount that was 10 times what we were planning to commit! 

Our first reaction was to worry about committing to such a large number. Our first baby was on her way, which meant moving to a single income and we were buying a new house. Even though our concerns were legitimate, we know that giving finances isn’t about us. It is investing into creating opportunities for people to meet Jesus through facilities and events. We knew that we had both heard from God so we decided that we needed to step out in faith and
be obedient. 

A month after making the commitment Stephen’s work was going through a time of cost reduction and redundancies and had a freeze on salaries. One day Stephen’s boss came up to his desk and handed him a letter. Despite the circumstances around him the letter was about a salary increase for the exact amount that we had committed to Vision Builders. 

On top of the salary increase, we have been blessed with a beautiful baby and our new home. God is incredibly good. 

Through our Vision Builders experience, we have been encouraged and are still learning to listen and be obedient to God’s voice. It has been a significant reminder that God is our provider and looks after all our needs.

We like that Vision Builders is a whole church program as it has helped us build relationships with others who are on the same journey and this has been both encouraging and impacting. 

2017Phil Houghton