Wendy & Geoff

We have been Christians for over 40 years and the last 7 have seen us as part of C3 Church City. We are active in the church with Geoff being on the C3 Church City Board, part of the counting team and C3CARES network providing his legal expertise. Wendy runs a great marketplace connect group and is committed to several C3 Church City prayer meetings every week.

We decided before we got married that we would make God the centre of our marriage. That included God being the centre of our finances and how we lived through hospitality and sharing our time, treasure and talents. Two business oriented people can jump off the same page pretty easily so having God at the centre of our marriage and our finances keeps our marriage alive. 

We have given to God through Vision Builders since we joined C3 Church City. We believe it is important to how we integrate our faith in our lives. C3 Church City is a church, which affirms those in the marketplace. We saw others talking about their walk of faith and how they put their faith into action. It is inspirational to see our church in action giving and blessing others.

Personally, we find it connects us more closely with God’s heart. He has resourced us so we can learn to partner with Him. It also knits us together into the body of Christ as there is something very special about agreeing, praying and walking together as a whole church to fulfil our pledges.  

As a result of our giving and trusting God with our finances, we have over time established an entrepreneurism program, owned our own business and pioneered businesses. All this takes great faith to step out, putting forth a concept to gather a team and implement a vision. These skills don’t come overnight. In our case, they came from learning to trust God with our finances from the beginning when we were first married. It is like we were invited to join a spiritual gymnasium – learning directly from God about how we can trust Him because He is a generous God. 

When we think about how much to pledge to Vision Builders we pray and consider the highest amount we are able to give over and above the tithes and other Christian offerings we commit to. We do this because it is an opportunity to be radical, be personally transformed and shaped into becoming people of innovation, having a mindset of abundance. 

2017Phil Houghton