The last year has been one of great significance for me.  It was filled with several key life-events, not the least of which involved getting married, as well as starting a new role with a global firm.

 On New Years’ day 2018, my wife, Natalie, and I went to the beach together and decided to list our goals and dreams for the upcoming year. Part of this included making a joint Vision Builders pledge, as we would enter the new Vision Builders season as husband and wife.  We instantly knew that this was God’s will as we both had the same figure come to mind.  On the night of the commitment dinner, we made our pledge and carried on enjoying the festivities of the evening.

 The next few weeks were quite busy, as we were finalising our wedding plans.  Despite the ‘business’, we saw God’s hand on everything: venues threw in extras worth thousands of dollars, vendors gave us significant (unheard of!) discounts, and friends and family stepped in to assist in amazing ways.  When we got back from our honeymoon, we realised we came out of this with more money than we had going in. This was a genuine miracle.  A few months later, both Natalie and I got offered new roles at different firms, with significant pay-rises.  In fact, our combined pay-rises amounted to ten times the amount of our Vision Builders pledge, reaffirming how God’s hand was on this. 

 Standing in faith often means we must stand and fight! This last year has probably been the most difficult year I have ever experienced in terms of my health.  There have been at least eight instances where I woke up in the middle of the night to have several paramedics looking down at me, after they have resuscitated me.  Despite this, Natalie and I refuse to give weight to these events and make a point of focussing on and proclaiming God’s blessings on our lives.

 This year reaffirmed that my trust in God is not misplaced. God is faithful and He is almighty. God is wise therefore I am wise to trust in and follow what he says about financial stewardship. God is faithful, and He absolutely delights in blessing us.

2017Phil Houghton