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Vision builders


The Vision

Vision Builders has always been about creating a future for our church, children and community. As we step out together and give to God with faith, sacrifice and commitment, we create an altar for God to transform lives, doing our part to make Sydney, a City for Christ. This year, we have seen people of all generations including young families make C3 City their home.


Over the years, we have continued to take ground, giving to God and holding fast to the dream of securing our own building with a larger auditorium, and custom built facilities for C3 Kids, C3 Youth, C3 College and C3CARES.

Our Beyond Missions continue to expand, reaching into our local and global community, touching lives with the love of Jesus.

We have continued to see miracles unfold in the lives of our people as they have engaged their heart and financial resources to build His Church (read about these stories further down the page).

The great joy of Vision Builders is that everyone can be involved and give with a free and generous spirit. As we step into the future together and continue to make JESUS the centre of all we do, the possibility of seeing Sydney, a City For Christ will become a reality.

Let’s step out in faith and be part of building the magnificent house of God in the heart of our beautiful city.

With love and blessing,

Ps Tim and Kirrily Lowe
C3 City Senior Ministers


The Building

We see our future in buildings that glorify God by providing a place for people to experience Jesus and be trained and equipped in His service.


We see places where our children will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors; places where they will grow and develop their life in Christ. We are not only building facilities, we are building people, lives and ministries to carry on the work of the Church for generations to come. As we join together in sowing the seeds God has given us, let’s also lift up our eyes and see the harvest set before us.

Over the years, Vision Builder funds have contributed to the expansion of our facilities and enabled us to secure more space as well as upgrade our Ministry Centre, which houses C3 Kids and our C3 College educational facilities and offices.

We have been able to upgrade and purchase new chairs in the auditorium over the last 12 months, vital production equipment including a hanging lighting system, light mixing desk and new front of house speakers. We have expanded the stage area and installed an amazing new kitchen in the gallery for our C3CARES lunches.

We have expanded the stage area and installed an amazing new kitchen in the gallery for our Sunday services, C3CARES lunches and church events.



As our ministry continues to grow, we are keen to secure a unique, tailor-made facility that houses our children, youth and other courses, offering separate rooms for our toodlers, pre-schoolers, primary aged kids, youth, life courses and night college.


C3 Kids


Introducing children to the love of Christ through simple biblical concepts can start at a young age. Our toddler room is a place where our youngest members of C3 Kids can begin their journey of discovering who God is, as they engage in play, sing and dance, listen to stories and participate in craft in a fun- lled loving environment.


Continuing the journey of learning and discovery, our pre-schoolers arrive each week to an exciting interactive program. Our C3 Kids team uses storytelling, games, craft, worship and discussions to foster each child’s own discovery of God’s love. Teaching children to make biblically based positive everyday decisions and how to get to know Jesus as their friend.


Our primary school programs are designed with one thing in mind – to teach kids about the love of God. Children of this age are ready to learn, discover and begin to apply what they have learnt to their own lives. Through worship, multimedia, memory verses, lessons, games, activities, crafts and connect groups, kids will discover there is a God who loves them, wants a relationship with them and has a special plan for their lives, all while making great friends along the way.

C3 Youth

C3 Youth reaches young people from 12-18 years of age. We are a ministry whose heart is all about leading young people to encounter Jesus. Our culture is to build positive Godly friendships and help each young person journey through life with Jesus. We want to connect young people to positive in uences that bring purpose to their world. C3 Youth is a place of faith, hope and love empowering young people in the City of Sydney.

Night College – C3 College Online

At C3 City we have a night college that runs on a week night for people who want to study the Word and learn at a deeper level. Night College allows you to still work full time while studying. It is a wonderful community of people who go on a journey together, people who are committed to study and committed to their full time occupation. Night School - C3 College Online curriculum is internationally recognized & government approved for accreditation.


Beyond Missions

At C3 City, a large part of our passion and mandate is to give beyond ourselves into the life of our community, into the work of church planting and overseas missions.

We are blessed to be a blessing.


Beyond Local

C3 Cares

C3CARES exists to help people in need, crisis or isolation in our local inner-city of Sydney community. We welcome people from all backgrounds and circumstances, and through the generosity of our C3 City members, we’re able to bring a message of hope and practical support.

Community Meals

Each week, many of our city’s rough sleepers, homeless and marginalised community meet together at C3 City. Last year, we provided around 3,500 meals, an average of 70 meals per week. Our C3CARES team prepare and serve a free and nutritious lunch and provide emergency food hampers when needed. Our team also come alongside our guests to share the gospel, also offer prayer and assist with referrals to relevant community agencies/services.

Hope Burger Sunday

“Hope Burger Sunday” runs annually, to raise funds for our C3CARES Lunch and various other community initiatives. Last year, we raised $7,000 towards our Christmas Hamper initiatives.

Christmas Lunch

In mid-December last year, C3 City welcomed around 80 of our local community members who were homeless, in crisis and lonely our C3CARES Community Christmas Lunch. Our church was decorated with all things Christmas and a lavish gourmet lunch was prepared along with lucky door prizes and a performance of Christmas carols. A relevant message of hope was given, followed by an opportunity to respond to the message and receive prayer, resulting in many salvations. Every guest received a Christmas card and a generous hamper gift of food and essential items.

Christmas Gifts and Hampers

Last Christmas, we gave over 300 gifts and almost 200 food hampers to those in our local community and beyond who need to know that someone cares at Christmas time. Our recipients included: rough sleepers and the homeless, Prince of Wales Children’s Hospital (remote Aboriginal children in hospital over Christmas); Vision Sisters (World Vision); Cleveland St Intensive English High School (new migrant high school students); The Asylum Seekers Centre Newtown (asylum seekers and refugees); Women’s Space (outreach to local street-based sex workers); local community members and C3 members in need.

“I have a client who has been disconnected from our service for many years. Together we made a plan of all the things she could do to look after herself. I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to afford all of the things on her list. Two of the things was to take care of her skin, and another was to do some art and drawing. Before the session ended, she opened her Christmas present from Women’s Services and inside was a huge tin of watercolour pencils, an artist’s notepad, and a beautiful box of skin care products. My client was overwhelmed and so thankful that she shed a few tears and I was close to tears too because I couldn’t believe how timely that gift was. Thank you C3 City Church.” – Community agency worker

C3 Cyclists

This year, C3 City partnered with The Humpty Dumpty Foundation and the C3 Cyclists who are a passionate community of cyclists from various C3 Churches around Australia. The mandate is to demonstrate the gospel in a practical way by raising funds to save young lives. This annual and gruelling 725km ride from Bourke to Canberra raised over $40,000 which helped to purchase lifesaving medical equipment for Bourke, Peak Hill and Yass district hospitals. The largest piece of equipment, a Panda Resuscitation Unit worth $32,500, was donated to Queanbeyan Hospital in Canberra, presented at C3 Belconnen, and attended by the mayor of Queanbeyan and various dignitaries. Over the last 7 years, C3 Cyclists have raised over $155,000 for The Humpty Dumpty Foundation, the second largest provider of essential lifesaving medical equipment for sick and injured children in Pediatric Wards, Neonatal Units, Maternity and Emergency Departments in hospitals across Australia. Well done Pastor Arne Olander who was a founding member of C3 Cyclists and championed the cause representing C3 City once again. Thank you C3 City for your generosity in your $6,000 contribution.

Beyond global

South East Asia

The region of South Asia encompasses two billion people, or 25% of the world population, of which 50% of these are under 25 years old. C3 has 18 churches in the region, with many others at the planning stage. Over the past 5 years, Pastor Tim and Kirrily have had a heart to reach this massive harvest which is now C3 City’s focus for Beyond Global initiatives. Overseeing C3 Mumbai and C3 Hyderabad in partnership with Richard and Sue Botta (C3 Regional Overseers for South Asia), Tim and Kirrily provide leadership and mentoring to pastors, leaders and business people annually. In 2015, we saw over 1,300 people at our regional conference plus over 60,000 at a series of outreach events in India with over 6,000 salvations. The generosity of C3 City enabled this event to happen and was the largest C3 Global gathering of its kind.

Syria Relief

Since the ISIS attack on Mo1sel City and surrounding villages in June 2014, more than 200,000 families from Christian backgrounds were forced to leave everything behind and ee to the safer region of Kurdistan, Iraq. C3 City came alongside CMA ministry to help support their efforts with the refugees since that time. Shelter was one of the main priorities at this time. Initially tents were distributed to the displaced families until the realisation that it may be some time before it was safe to go home. C3 City carried the rent for more than 200 families and rented out about 150 units rent free for a year. Currently, we are sponsoring 53 shelter units (most of units contain more than a family). Iraq is very cold in winter so heaters, blankets, carpets were provided; and very hot in summer, so air cooler, refrigerators, fans, water dispensers were a must.

During this time, many people started small groups and conducted bible study together. Food relief was also high priority and we were able to distribute food bags for up to 1,500 families. Medical relief was offered including medication, doctor visits and necessary surgeries. On average, 48 patients were assisted. During this devastating time, many people lost members from their families. So we provided salaries for 13 widows for 3 months, and also we will be sponsoring 60

  • 70 orphans as well as helping to nance their educational expenses during 2016. People suffered great trauma during this time and a healing conference was held in the CMA church in September 2015 and presented by Pastor Malath Baythoon. Please keep CMA ministry in prayer as they plan to start a day care that will be used to support children but also be considered as a source of income for the Church.

The Big Picture

C3 Global has a vision to plant 1,000 locations by the year 2020.


Over the last 16 years, C3 City has played a large role in raising up and releasing leaders, including Ian Haigh to C3 Cebu in 2011, Ming Lai to C3 Hong Kong in 2012, Lars and Megan Halvorsen to C3 Darwin in 2012 and Karen and Roger Beard to C3 Great Lakes in 2014. Dave and Kirrily Smeallie, were released to go and plant C3 Mosaman.

We have a vision to plant at least two new congregations prior to 2020 and we are thrilled to announce that in 2017, Terrence and Emma Mullings, along with their two beautiful children, will head to Miami USA. The key to church planting is raising up new pastors, leaders and teams in discipleship, evangelism, new Christian ministry, children’s ministry, youth, young adults and worship teams.

Our Next Steps Pathway provides a path to help make disciples and grow leaders and to see this vision become a reality. Church planting requires those who are consistent in faith, planted and flourishing in the house of God. We believe that they have been called to this critical area of building the kingdom of God on earth. To effectively plant new churches, we need funds to release ministry, hire buildings and buy equipment.


Therefore go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit.

Matthew 28:19


Our Stories

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.


Essential Info

Every year we jointly commit to the task of resourcing the vision that God has given us. When we work together in unity we can build something that enables God to reach the world and be reconciled to him.


What is the vision Builders program?

The Vision Builders program is the overarching banner for our building, Beyond Missions, and Media and Online Initiatives. Vision Builders raises the funds to expand all of these areas of our church life.

Can I give to Vision Builders instead of Tithing?

Vision Builders should be seen as giving ‘over and above’ the Tithes.

What if I can't fulfill my pledge?

Firstly, we encourage people to make realistic pledges. Having done that, we understand that sometimes events happen and for whatever reason people find difficulty in fulfilling their pledge within the time frame. We suggest that you may still want to fulfill your pledge by breaking it down into smaller amounts over a longer period of time.

I am new to church, should I be giving to Vision Builders? If so, why?

There is no pressure for anyone to give to Vision Builders, nor is there any minimum requirement. New people who would like to give are most welcome, as is anyone who finds that our vision resonates with them.

I am in significant debt, should I pay off my debts or give to Vision Builders?

If you are in ‘out of control’ debt, after your tithe the debt should be your next priority. Reducing the debt to a manageable amount (or even clearing it completely) should be attempted.

Do you need my details? I wish to remain anonymous.

You may remain anonymous if you wish, and all the details of your giving will be kept confidential. However, you will not be able to claim tax deductibility for your giving as we will be unable to provide you with a record ofyour contribution, which you will need to submit to the Australian Tax Office.

How do we know where the money goes?

Funds are spent in accordance with the initiatives presented and as updated during the year. All our accounts are independently audited annually to ensure compliance and lodged with ASIC.

Specific programs that are recipients of Vision Builders funds are as advised in the brochure and are updated to the congregation throughout the year.

How can you be a part of Vision Builders?

Prayerfully consider the level of giving that you feel is appropriate for you. Your decision should be based on wisdom, prayer and faith. Remember, the philosophy of Vision Builders is not about equal giving, but equal sacrifice. Make a formal commitment to give on a Vision Builders commitment card throughout June 2016. Alternatively, you can obtain a commitment card at any time from the information desk in the church foyer.


Choose your method of fulfilment


Regular Payment

This is one of the most successful ways to fulfil your commitment by making a regular, weekly, or monthly contribution. Regular giving is rewarding and quickly builds as illustrated in the table below:

  Weekly Monthly Annually
1 $10 $43 $520
2 $20 $86 $1,040
3 $50 $216 $2,600
4 $100 $433 $5,200
5 $500 $2,166 $26,00

Direct Transfer

This can be arranged through your employer or bank. You can also arrange regular payments via internet banking. Alternatively, you can choose to make a payment from money currently available or when you receive a work bonus, tax refund, or via an asset sale.

Online Donation

This is a popular way of giving. Please visit our website at: www.c3churchcity.com.au/get-involved#giving-section. Select ‘Click Here to Give’, then ‘Vision Builders (Deductible or Non-Deductible)’, complete the information required and continue by clicking on ‘Next’.

Salary Sacrifice

You can arrange with your employer to make a deduction from your salary each pay before tax.


Bank details

For use with salary sacrifice and direct transfers
CCC - God in the City Education Building Fund (Deductible)
BSB: 062-207, Account: 1016-8777
CCC - God in the City Education Building Fund (Non-Deductible)
* BSB: 062-207, Account: 1019-7041

Taxation benefits

All donations in excess of $2 given to C3 Vision Builders ABN 48 565 130 868 are tax deductible. The real cost of your contribution can therefore be significantly less than the amount donated. A tax receipt will be issued after the end of the financial year.

Non Taxation Benefit

A fund that does not have tax deductibility status has been set up for those who do not need or wish to take advantage of the taxation bene ts. Money given to this fund can be used for Vision Builder initiatives beyond the purposes approved by the Australian Tax Office. CCC - God in the City Education Building Fund (Non-Deductible) * BSB: 062-207, Account: 1019-7041